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PortSIP PBX for Unified Communications


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  1. If you run our sample projct and test with TLS, does it work fine ?
  2. You should check your server, the callback events depend on the messages which received from server.
  3. Hi, there also has the onInviteFailure callback event.
  4. I have forward this requirement to our R & D, we will add this feature in future version. Thanks for feedback.
  5. Yes, it's already support the bluetooth device.
  6. Yes, current it supports auto provision with our PortSIP PBX
  7. Hi, please follow this guide: https://www.portsip.com/knowledge-base/portsp-pbx-high-availability/
  8. Hi James, the v12 for Linux new version was fixed this bug. Please follow below steps to update: Your currently data will be keep, don't forgot replace the IP to your own IP.
  9. Thank you Hormiga2020. If your server only has the public IP but no private IP, you can simply install the PBX on a public network, then enter the public IP in the PBX setup wizard step1 for both Private IPv4 and Public IPv4, then it will works. BR
  10. You can use below command to make it restart automatically: $ docker container run -d --name portsip-pbx --restart=always --network=host -v /var/lib/portsip:/var/lib/portsip -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD="123456" -e POSTGRES_LISTEN_ADDRESSES="*" -e IP_ADDRESS="" portsip/pbx:12
  11. To manage the PortSIP PBX docker instance, please refer to below articles Setup PortSIP PBX for CentOS Setup PortSIP PBX for Debian Setup PortSIP PBX for Ubuntu Manage PortSIP PBX Docker container on Linux PortSIP PBX User Guide
  12. Please refer to here: https://www.portsip.com/hardware-specifications-for-portsip-pbx
  13. The v12 for Linux is ready now: https://forum.portsip.com/topic/54-portsip-pbx-v12-for-linux-is-ready/
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