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PortSIP PBX for Unified Communications


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  1. https://www.portsip.com/downloads/apps/9.4.0/portsip_pbx_9.4.9.zip
  2. Hi Caio, The Portuguese-Brazil is not support yet. The AJB is supported.
  3. Hi Thomas, Where did you got the HTTP 404 not found? Could you post the screenshot of the error here? You will need configure the SMTP server first, then when you create the email, enter the email, the PBX will send QR code to the extension's email.
  4. The v9 is no longer provided, please use the v12.
  5. You can search the system.ini file, edit it, there has a section: [mediaserver] rpc_port=8896 rtp_port_begin=45000 rtp_port_end=65000 session_life_time=300 recorder_file_format=1 recorder_video_framerate=15 recorder_video_bitratekbps=500 recorder_video_layout=1 you can change the rtp prots range then restart the server.
  6. If you run our sample projct and test with TLS, does it work fine ?
  7. You should check your server, the callback events depend on the messages which received from server.
  8. Hi, there also has the onInviteFailure callback event.
  9. I have forward this requirement to our R & D, we will add this feature in future version. Thanks for feedback.
  10. Yes, it's already support the bluetooth device.
  11. Yes, current it supports auto provision with our PortSIP PBX
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