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PortSIP PBX for Unified Communications


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  1. Hello, Thank you for the new version of PortSIP. It is a big step ahead. I want use PortSIP with an public IP only. So I need register the ip-phones via public network and the outgoing traffic via SIP-trunk at the same public ip-address. a. can I use the internal SBC as service-based firewall for security issues with individual ruleset? b. in which way I can configure the RTP-traffic of the connected phones and the SIP-trunks? The documentation shows in chapter 16. LAN-based configurations only. No WAN-WAN-config for public phones and SIP-trunks was shown. Is a howto for such architecture available? Regards hormiga2020
  2. Okay, I do it. I am installing a debian in a LXC first and start docker 😉
  3. Oh, I am still using LXC or native Debian. Any chance getting an alternative OS?
  4. Hi, behind the download-button for the debian-versio is no link. How I can donwload the debian-version, please?
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