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  1. Our SDK not request this permission. please don't set the cert path same to log path, you can initialize SDK like this: String dataPath = getExternalFilesDir(null).getAbsolutePath(); String certRoot = dataPath + "/certs"; result = mEngine.initialize(getTransType(transType), "", localPort, PortSipEnumDefine.ENUM_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG, dataPath, 8, "PortSIP SDK for Android", 0, 0, certRoot, "", false, null);
  2. How do we need to implement the ringing of the incoming call? For iOS, if you enable CallKit, the ringing is play by iOS System. If not enable CallKit, you can play the ringing in onInviteIncoming or OnIncomingCallWithoutCallKit. How will the application know, even if it is terminated, if there is an incoming call? This must use PUSH, it's need server support. Our PortPBX is support PUSH, You can refer the manual : https://www.portsip.com/knowledge-base/implement-push-notifications-in-xamarin-android-app-with-portsip-pbx-12-0/ https://www.portsip.com/knowledge-base/implement-the-push-notifications-in-native-ios-app-with-portsip-pbx/ Does the SDK implement the functionnality of the iOS UICallKit? Yes, our Sample have implement CallKit.
  3. SIPSample can choose the Transport to TLS. Please check your TLS port is correct. Please give me anSIP account on your server, i will use test it.
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