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  1. Hi, of course I use PortSIP as server backend. The extensions where online when testing. This are my extensions in PortSIP UI: Thank you !
  2. Hello, i get it in the App when making a call from an registered extension to another extension like on the screenshot (ext. 150 is registered in app, calling to ext. 101 which is available too). The error reported instantly is: "Error 404 / not found" in the app. I`ve tried it with different extensions. On Voip phone it works. Screenshot attached (its about the UI before clicking on "call" button), but I could not get one of the error due to the error disappearing too fast to catch it 😛 Thank you !
  3. Dear Portsip-Team, just some dumb questions regarding your PortSip Android Client, latest version, i am having some problems in use. I`ve configured an PortSIP server instance, v 12.1.0 running on Debian via docker. I really like the new UI very clean and comfortable! After that I connected it with your Android Client by typing in credentials manually which worked. There are two things I could not get up to work yet: - While making a call directly from an extension to another extension - for example from "150" to "100" - from a Voip Phone (snom 300, configured with auto provisioning) works flawless, trying the same on anroid client ends with "Error: HTTP 404 not found". I am typing the extension number directly into the dialpad and then click on "call" and then get that error instantly. Calling to outside/external numbers work from both (I`ve set up an outbound rule when prefix is "0" the call is routed to outside trunk). - Regarding the QR code scan feature on android client for setting up configuration: Where can I find the QR code which can be scanned on the server-side UI ? Hope you have an idea of what I mean. Thank you ! Best regards, Thomas Tschofenig (we`ve communicated by e-mail in past but forum may be a better way)
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