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  1. Check DTMF-type on each leg. Does they match ? Usually it is rfc-2833 type.
  2. What codec do you use ? Opus ? Try another one. I noticed a similar issue when used opus codec on portsip's mobile client.
  3. ovsyukov

    Address book

    We a ready to quit using 3CX for portsip, but a little feature is missing. This feature is centralized address book on softphones. I mean that address book on mobile client should be syncronized from server. And, of course, should be a switch between local mobile address book and portsip's server address book on the client side. Thank you.
  4. Hello ! There is an issue regarding screen locking on android. Proximity sensor makes a screen black, but touch screen is unlocked. So users always switch different settings with their ears during phone call.
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