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Found 3 results

  1. Dear PortSIP team! I'd like to ask your help with the following problem: In our currently developed xamarin mobile application we can't hear any voice neither in at the caller nor the called endpoint. We tried it on android platform (with version 9 and 10). After checking the freeswitch logs and the network traffic we found that the call session is initialized correctly and the voice is transferred too. Only we have to amplify the voice volume to a multiplied level (e.g. 100x) to hear anything. In the caller clients we haven't set anything from default regarding to audio settings. The voice of the freeswitch server menu (i.e. dialing tone, message recorder) is audible well. Please help me with a solution in this matter! Thank you!
  2. Hello, I have included the library and I have the following code: let username = "1001" let displayName = "It is I" let password = "Ascom1234" let serverAddress = "" let serverPort: Int32 = 5060 let transport = TRANSPORT_TCP let srtpPolicy = SRTP_POLICY_NONE let localIPAddress = "" let localPort: Int32 = 10002 let logLevel = PORTSIP_LOG_NONE let licenseKey = "PORTSIP_TEST_LICENSE" let initializationResult = portSIPSDK.initialize( transport, localIP: localIPAddress, localSIPPort: localPort, loglevel: logLevel, logPath: "", maxLine: 8, agent: Device.shared.getAppName(), audioDeviceLayer: 0, videoDeviceLayer: 0, tlsCertificatesRootPath: "", tlsCipherList: "", verifyTLSCertificate: false ) guard initializationResult == 0 else { print("Error initializing PortSIP: \(initializationResult)") return } This produces a runtime error: +[UIDevice deviceType]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x1f26aba98 What am I doing wrong? Thanks and regards, Lehel
  3. Can't switch audio device by PortSipSdk.SetAudioDevice(AudioDevice.SpeakerPhone) or PortSipSdk.SetAudioDevice(AudioDevice.Earpiece) How to change it correctly?
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