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PortSIP PBX for Unified Communications
Lehel Medves

Issue with initialization in swift

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I have included the library and I have the following code:

let username = "1001"
        let displayName = "It is I"
        let password = "Ascom1234"
        let serverAddress = ""
        let serverPort: Int32 = 5060
        let transport = TRANSPORT_TCP
        let srtpPolicy = SRTP_POLICY_NONE
        let localIPAddress = ""
        let localPort: Int32 = 10002
        let logLevel = PORTSIP_LOG_NONE
        let licenseKey = "PORTSIP_TEST_LICENSE"
        let initializationResult = portSIPSDK.initialize(
            localIP: localIPAddress,
            localSIPPort: localPort,
            loglevel: logLevel,
            logPath: "",
            maxLine: 8,
            agent: Device.shared.getAppName(),
            audioDeviceLayer: 0,
            videoDeviceLayer: 0,
            tlsCertificatesRootPath: "",
            tlsCipherList: "",
            verifyTLSCertificate: false
        guard initializationResult == 0 else {
            print("Error initializing PortSIP: \(initializationResult)")

This produces a runtime error: +[UIDevice deviceType]: unrecognized selector sent to class 0x1f26aba98

What am I doing wrong?


Thanks and regards,

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1 hour ago, Lehel Medves said:

Found the issue, simple the -objC linker flag needed to be added to the Build Settings.

Good to know it solved.


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